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Investment Management

Investment Management

Efficient investment management is essential for enduring market fluctuations, addressing anxieties, and achieving ongoing planning objectives.

Our clients receive individualized attention and extensive support with a fixed advisory fee. Investment options are chosen to maximize financial resources and mitigate risk.  We navigate through a multitude of investment options, so you don’t have to. 

By leveraging our partnerships, we help clients make informed investment decisions that align with their long-term objectives and financial abilities.

Our Investment Process

Goal and Risk Conversation

On our initial call, we discuss where you are at, how you got there and where you are going.

We have a deep discussion on the impact of inflation and fees and how market volatility affects your assets and goals.

Customized Investment Strategy

Following our conversation, we create a personalized investment strategy using a mix of investment options.

We always keep costs in mind, and our philosophy is that less is more: fewer accounts, fewer investment vehicles, simpler investment structures, and lower investment expense ratios.

Socially responsible and belief investing can be included.

Ongoing Management

We provide comprehensive ongoing management, including performance reporting, asset rebalancing, tax harvesting, and managing income distributions.

This ensures your portfolio remains aligned with your goals.

Most account types are supported.

Holistic Portfolio View

You are granted access to our account aggregation site for high level account views.

When personal accounts are linked, you can have a consolidated view of your entire portfolio in one place.

Cash flow models may be included.

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