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Our Services

Our Services

We strive to make financial advice accessible to all people. Complex concepts are broken down into plain language and straightforward action steps.

Whether you’re ready to take the next step in growing your money, or are just too busy to give your finances the attention they deserve, we can help.

We run cash flow models and holistic planning models to gain a deeper understanding of their financial situation. Based on this analysis, we provide personalized recommendations and step-by-step guidance for clients to follow. This comprehensive approach allows us to address all aspects of your financial life and provide tailored solutions that align with your unique circumstances.

Our Planning Process

Introductory Consultation

We start with a 30 minute call or video chat to discuss your financial history and goals.

Proposal for Services

Based on our conversation, we follow up our call with a financial planning fee estimate.

Data Collection

After you accept our proposal we will grant you access to our planning site and guide you in providing the necessary information.

Data Review and Clarification

We carefully review the data you provide and will send an email with any clarifications or additional information needed.

Initial Planning Meeting

We conduct a working session to analyze your financial snapshot based on the information provided and explore various desired scenarios.

Final Recommendations and Plan Documents

We deliver your final plan analysis and personalized recommendations via a secure planning site vault.

Ongoing Partnership

Your needs may evolve over time, so we are here to remain your partner for the long term, ready to make adjustments to your plan when necessary. Hourly rates would apply to future services.

Investment Management

Investment Management

As we navigate through a multitude of investment options and market fluctuations, the importance of effective investment management, especially for those with ongoing planning goals, cannot be overstated.

We specialize in managing investment accounts for a flat advisory fee, ensuring our clients receive personalized attention and comprehensive support.

By carefully allocating funds, monitoring performance, and mitigating risks, our investment management services empower clients to optimize their financial resources and generate sustainable returns.

We understand that investments are often tied to broader planning goals, such as retirement planning or funding education. By leveraging our expertise and staying abreast of market trends, we help clients make informed investment decisions that align with their long-term objectives.

Our Investment Process

Assess Current Investments

We evaluate your existing investments to understand your starting point.

Customized Investment Strategy

Based on your goals and preferences, we create a personalized investment strategy using a mix of investment options. We can also accommodate belief and socially responsible investing.

Cost Efficiency

We prioritize cost-effective investing, aiming for simplicity and lower investment expenses. We carefully select investment vehicles to keep costs in check.

Ongoing Management

We provide comprehensive ongoing management, including performance reporting, asset rebalancing, tax harvesting, and managing income distributions. This ensures your portfolio remains aligned with your goals. Cash flow models may be included.

Holistic Portfolio View

You are granted access to our account aggregation site for high level account views. When personal accounts are linked, you can have a consolidated view of your entire portfolio in one place.

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